The Dean's List of Daddy Dos


The Dean's List of Daddy Dos


It’s not easy being a daddy.

You’re expected to provide for your family, mow the lawn, and parent your kids. Dads are supposed to be a caregiver, safety net, dog walker, driver, and—more than ever—hairstylist. That’s why Dean Banowetz, the Hollywood Hair Guy, is here to help. This book was written for all the husbands, boyfriends, fathers, and even ladies who don’t possess an inherent knack for the art of hair. Styling will no longer be a foreign language that makes you cower in the garage. You’re going to become a hairdo wizard who makes your spouse happy and the neighbors jealous.

After reading Dean’s List of Daddy Do’s, you’ll know how to:

• Create 30 basic ‘dos for your daughter’s school photos, dance recitals, and family get-togethers

• Gather tools for the ultimate Daddy Do toolkit (note: The color pink always works)

• Master the perfect Dean braid

• Make your daughter feel her very best Say goodbye to the days of lop-sided ponies and disheveled French “braids.” Restore happiness and harmony in your household while being the ultimate Daddy of the Year.

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